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Rage Honing by Birthday and (warning: education rant!) Math Class (archived)

I'm turning 21 Monday. Dead broke, ill, no working vehicle... probably failing a class...

...but I'm so incredibly kicking that punk math teacher's butt into the next eternity!

...Hopefully w/o harming him, though. Harm none, yadda yadda yadda.

But seriously, it so incredibly hones my rage to have a teacher who refuses to teach, and then dumbs down the math test (there are 4 tests throughout his year -- all your grades are belong to those tests) to haul up the GPA of the 15 students who remain in his class out of the 60 that started it. I'm one of the approximately 5 students with a grade anywhere C or over, of the 15 remaining in his class. I'm also the one who reads the Necronomicon pointedly during class, occasionally glancing up at the teacher thoughtfully.

...Which is to say that it's severely messed up that so many people are failing this class, which is *not* challenging course material. These are *not* stupid students. I honestly believe that my success in this course is due to my skipping the class whenever possible and blatently ignoring the teacher during class. It got to a point about a month ago when my roommate and best friend departed this classroom in tears every day, because while I'd been carefully teaching her that she was smart and could do math, she could not understand a single word out of this guy's mouth.

Several students have complained to the deans already, and said teacher will be taking next semester off. Word of my standing up during class, saying "This class sucks" and stomping out has apparently filtered back to the Powers that Be. If one of the class geniuses is saying this, then what must the rest of the students be going through?

He just turned a quarter of our class into a 31-question test that I breezed through in 10-15 minutes (much time was taken up by laughing at one of the silly questions: given that a certain card is a 7, what is the probability that it is a face card? ...face card having been previously defined as king, queen, or jack.) Problems that would normally have been covered in 2-3 questions were stretched out to take up 8. I had actually paid attention in class for two sessions of it on this unit, had either skipped or read through the rest of the classes, and I still breezed through the test like that? I'd never previously covered those particular topics, either.

Something is not kosher in that class, and I don't mean the teacher hamming it up to get laughs.

--JL, Darth Absolute Academic Honesty
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