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crashing off hormone high

...or at least I should be.

Chatted three hours with Dave last night. Collapsed on couch with second monitor and second keyboard and giggled at him over seven thousand miles. Sent him some seductive pictures last night: not very revealing at all but so *completely* myself that his attention was totally riveted.

Picture#1: me from a little below the shoulders and up, no visible clothing, hair wet and all over the place, just out of the shower, looking up and directly into the camera and smiling.

Picture#2: me from the side, towel wrapped around my neck and concealing all of my front, looking at the computer and smiling.

I personally think that the first picture is the better one. He likes them both. He's encouraging me to continue my camera art. He suggested complete, full-body nudity. I made a flirtatious comment back and decided to tease the hell out of him first -- me, lying on the couch looking in the general direction of the computer, wearing a sheet. That ought to be enough for his brain to process for a couple more days... and furthermore, I'll only e-mail it to him the next time I see him online.
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