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Reorganization, or: Why I'm Not Getting Much Sleep Tonight

We got a new chair.

This may not sound like much, but for a two-bedroom apartment with now three adults living in it, and a four year old kid, it's quite a lot, especially when you consider that none of these three adults are sleeping with each other.

The depths of the closet in the East bedroom are being plumbed. I have clothes I don't seem to remember... and seeing as I've only had this apartment for four months, if that ... and moved from another state less than a year ago, with two apartments here before that... this is truly frightening. It may perhaps be due to the fact that Dude now shares my closet, but it's still scary. I see I still have the shirt that one of my last rituals in the Campsite Apartment got hot wax all down the front of.

...and I found the ethernet card for my laptop. It was, of course, in the printer box, with all the floppies with my program files on it, where I'd put it when Sis borrowed the laptop. Naturally the best place to put it. Gee. Now, since the ethernet cable is far longer than the parallel cable, we can avoid having cables running across the walkway. This will be very good, though an interesting decorating touch, having the cable snaking up across the doorway like it is, twined in with the Christmas lights already festooning the room. The lights are hooked to the light switch, you see... it's a college dorm room, apartment-style. I'm allowed some creative license.

You see, in order to fit the chair into the apartment where it will both fit and be usable by the maximum number of people who are happy with it, one corner of the closet in the East bedroom must be cleared so that Dude may have a computer chair at the new home for his computer. This involves reorganizing the entire closet. Since it's a small room to start with, with the computers and possessions of two people starting to pack into it, this is a task and a half, especially as the vast majority of Dude's stuff is in bags and boxes and still arriving.

It's a really nifty chair, though. We call it the undshizalounger because this chair is the shiza, the whole shiza, and nothing but the shiza. Little fayoumi have big beaks, and since Mommy has enough of a pottymouth, we don't need Nephew using raw words as well, especially not when it's the name of the piece of furniture in question. It's just a cool chair. It's comfortable, it leans back, the seat has a few springs missing, but that only makes it more comfy, and ... it's brown. 'Nuff said.
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