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Great party last night for Lammas. One of my computer friends from school, a guy who happens to live in our same apartment complex, came over. We had bread and wine. There was dancing. The cat decided to hang out with us when we were all sitting around in a circle chatting, the cat was just sitting there on the carpet flat, joining in the discussion every now and then.

Nephew got Mountain Dew in his Elmo cup rather than the wine in the chalice that the rest of us shared. He was happy to have his Elmo cup and Dew, but wasn't so happy that we were getting something different. He got especially unhappy when Auntie Azz broke out the Dixie Blackened Voodoo lager and he didn't get any. I held out the bottle. "Smell that," I said.

Nephew sniffed the bottle, and got this expression of absolute disgust on his four-year-old face. "Would you really want to drink anything that smells like *that*?" I asked.
"What does it taste like?" he wanted to know.
"Just like it smells."
Another expression of utter disgust.

I don't think we have to worry about him drinking beer any time soon.

Dancing was fun. Sis started things off by playing a CD that always gets Nephew dancing. So Nephew danced by himself for a while, and then grabbed Sis by the hands and spun her around in circles. Then he grabbed me by the hands and we spun around in circles. I danced with our neighbor next, then our neighbor danced with Sis. I ended up eventually grabbing Alan by the hands and going very slowly; Alan screwed up his ankle back in the day, and it's still pretty bad.

For me, the party ended when I fell asleep, but not before a memory core dump on my computer. Poor computer. Hilariously funny, though...
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