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Memory Core Dump

Last night, after the vast majority of the group portion of the Lammas ritual was over, I ducked back into my room to continue chatting with Dave. For whatever reason, mostly because Dave and I were still flirting with each other on MSN Messenger, I decided to take a digital picture of my face in a state of extreme arousal.

Now, please note for a moment that I was just through with the Lammas party, and had just consumed a good quarter of a bottle of wine, plus a bottle of Dixie Blackened Voodoo.

Azz was tipsy . . . not to mention still overcharged from the events just past, a warm gathering/sharing friendship thing.

This is why you should not be playing with magick while drunk *and* working with very high amounts of sexual energy *and* on the computer.

Memory core dump.

Fortunately I did not have anything important open. I laughed my ass off and told everybody what had happened. Don't overcharge the damn digital camera when you're taking a picture! Argh. Just the lust-whammy would have been enough; to have all that energy from the air of the house after ritual but before party-end was too much.

Memory core dump.

They all laughed their asses off at me, myself included. Even Nephew. Even the cat.
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