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I'm going to see if I can't get my CD burner working on my system again. Since it was working before I crashed the goddamn thing, it ought to work again if I reinstall it, right?


Did I mention the Bachelor Apartment from Hell to y'all ever? Half my clothes are still there, as is most likely the install CD for my Microsoft Streets & Trips 2K+1, as ... unfortunately ... is the install CD for the CDRW.


Lost. Couldn't find it when I moved out.

So when I got here, Dude downloaded the appropriate files from the manufacturer and installed said CD burner on his system. Worked like a dream.

Now it's my turn.

zhaneel666: hellow :-) how're you this morning?
AzureLunatic: I think it's afternoon, finally.
AzureLunatic: attempting to put my CDRW on my laptop.
AzureLunatic: this ... could get hairy.
AzureLunatic: my bloody roommate, Dude, is the one who burned the install crap onto the CD.
AzureLunatic: He does NOT know the proper way in which to do things.
zhaneel666: oh my.. what's his idea how to do it?
AzureLunatic: As far as I can see, he burned the driver for the piece of equipment onto a disk that also had a whole wazoo of other stuff on it.
AzureLunatic: Since he was the one who downloaded it, only he knows which one it is.
zhaneel666: Ugh.
AzureLunatic: I suspect it is one of the crypically named zipped files.
zhaneel666: No file renaming at all?
AzureLunatic: Um, I don't know.
zhaneel666: doesn't sound like it at least
AzureLunatic: at the moment, I am growling at the operating system, for not noticing what it was that I wanted to do (namely, install the CD burner) and at him for not doing whatever it was he was supposed to do.
AzureLunatic: this is how I get when trying to do something.
AzureLunatic: I think I won't talk to him until it's safely installed, else I'll bite off something that Chick might be mad about.
zhaneel666: *nod*
zhaneel666: at this point, its probably better just to go find the driver on the net and download it
AzureLunatic: nothin' personal, just....
AzureLunatic: glah.
zhaneel666: heh. believe me, i've heard it all before, more times than i can count.
AzureLunatic: I'll see if I can't dig it out of the CD by opening up the CD and seeing what there is to see.
AzureLunatic: ah, and this is how one does it, apparently.
AzureLunatic: One goes into the folder labeled "installs
AzureLunatic: and follows the increasingly juicily named folders
AzureLunatic: until one finds "for 98 and 2000"
AzureLunatic: and apparently also the tech writers' idea of an instruction manual.
AzureLunatic: Just greeeeaaaaattttt.....
AzureLunatic: oh not even.
AzureLunatic: grr.
AzureLunatic: Bitches.
AzureLunatic: apparently that means something to THEM.
AzureLunatic: Screw it, I'm heading to Acer.
zhaneel666: good idea. :-)
AzureLunatic: yep.
AzureLunatic: Gotta do it yourself.
zhaneel666: if you want it done right
AzureLunatic: or at least done wrong in an easily documentable fashion.
zhaneel666: that too. :-)
AzureLunatic: argh. tell me that this is not what they have on their website:
AzureLunatic: §ä¤£¨ì³o­Óºô­¶

AzureLunatic: and I don't think it lost anything in the translation either.
zhaneel666: eep
AzureLunatic: yeah.
AzureLunatic: I click on the indicated link and I get THAT.
AzureLunatic: Oh yeah.
AzureLunatic: I'm happy as a duck in mud, yes I am.
zhaneel666: save target as
AzureLunatic: nope, I found it.
AzureLunatic: it was a bad web page.
AzureLunatic: I needed the driver page, not another-language info about page.
AzureLunatic: ok, I'm going to do this the interesting way.
AzureLunatic: If I disappear w/o saying goodbye, the computer crashed.
zhaneel666: heheh ok
AzureLunatic: heh.

Will be updated as things happen -- I'm shipping this off now that it may not be lost in any crashes / unplanned restarts that may happen.
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