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> > Well, it's official. The next Star Wars movie is to be called Star
> > Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

> Dumb.

> Here are my suggestions for a better title.

> How the Sith Got Their Groove Back
> Spanking the Jedi
> Return of Jay and Silent Bob
> 99 Ways to Conceive Twins
> The Galaxy According to Anakin
> Another Battle Above a Very Deep Pit
> Amidala of Green Gables
> 101 Mandalorians
> JarJar Goes to Hell
> Obi-Wan the Clone Slayer
> Will Beat Matrix's Effects This Time
> Planet of the Geonosians
> National Lampoon's Tatooine Vacation

> Sarah
> Darth Slaughter the Marketeers
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