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azurelunatic Star Wars Episode 2 Haiku

Cut and paste from this morning/early afternoon's e-mails:

Attack of the Clones
The title could have been worse
I'll still go see it


Attack of the Clones:
Maul, Maul, Maul, Maul, and Maul.
Look! Silver lining!

The Plaid Adder

Such a kindly man.
A vote for Palpatine is
A vote for order!

Sith Academy
It distracts me from my work
Keeps my brain awake


Attack of the Clones
"It's a *good* title," says George.
"It is is is IS!"

Darth E.E. "Doc" Cummings

As long as Ewan
Loses the robe at some point
I will watch gladly


George made a nightmare
Never go watch it alone
Oh god! Jar-Jar clones!

Darth Fearing the worst.

New SithWear and stuff!
Get a shirt for every day
Wear sweats on weekend

Going to a con?
A duffle bag would be nice
Order yours today

A Sith, his Master
A bunch of menial crap
Where *is* my towel?

Give in to your greed
Conspicuous consumption
Sidious approves

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