Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Even More Episode II Haiku

Gore splattered void. Oops...
"Bacta! DNA! Engage
The Maul-O-Matic!!"

Clones attack! Wool singed,
Darth Molly Bleats, "Plunder? Hah!
Sith Sheep Kick Viking Ass!"

Black, red, gold, green. Kilt.
Force-driven crazed weasel. Sex.
Title? Who Cares? Now!


Jedi twit next door
Sentient beings in fridge
The life of a Sith.

Hot Force-driven love
No longer just Fridays, but
"He's not my boyfriend!"

Cuddles, Fluffi-Wan
Nothing can protect you from
Furry Paws of Death

I am quite busy
Must hone my rage and ... I mean,
must open tuna.

Watch Darth Lara Croft
on the screen till your eyes cross
Sith Do Not Take Breaks.

Try to avoid this
disturbing mental image:
Yoda in fishnets.

-joan the english chick
Darth Five Seven Five
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