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the resounding silence

Darkside and I made no commentary at each other regarding yesterday's "You do know you're hitting on me, right?" comment on his part. I sat slightly more aloof from him. We still played "my claws are sharper than your claws" with our fingertips barely brushing.

Later today, as I sat deep in a programming trance, I felt a resounding WHACK! to the back of my chair. I spun around with claws out, ready to tear out some throats, to find Darkside grinning at me.


I think he'll learn to not break me out of programming trance like that. He could have broken my trance far more effectively in a way I'd much more like simply by walking close up behind me and placing his hands on my shoulders. I wouldn't kill him for that. I might be a little grouched, if it'd been something serious I was working on, but I wouldn't turn on him with claws fully deployed and lunatic face on.

As regards romance, I think it's safe to say that direct romance must wait; the indirect games continue.
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