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Character Exposition

Guide Dog Aunt is cool. She's the youngest sister of my father.

Her husband, Guide Dog Uncle, is pretty much a nonentity on my radar. He skis, and works for something involving genetic engineering of some sort.

They have two kids. They both like to play computer games. The younger one will only dress in black at the moment. He was something excellently cool for Halloween: a "pander-bear", I believe: a panda dressed as a pimp. Some of his chickfriends agreed to be his hoes, but they came dressed wrong. Or perhaps that was last year. I want to get to know them better... without BJ. They liked him, because he'd play games with them.

Guide Dog Aunt raises guide dog puppies. Right now she's got one of those, and her regular dog, Deacon. Deke is a guide dog flunk-out. Deacon is a large Black Lab, very friendly, very calm, and very, very hungry. He will eat anything and/or everything, but is for the most part well-trained about it. He likes even unlikely items such as apple cores and lettuce. He even licked up a spill of balsamic vinegar that went on the floor while I was pouring it down the drain.

Marigold is Grandma's paid companion, who is scheduled to come for four hours a day, three days a week. This is so Grandma will have someone taking at least haphazard care of her at some point. This includes laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Grandma is not fond of the idea.

Grandma is currently 85 years old as of November. We thought that she had most of her marbles most of the time. It falls out that she has some of her marbles some of the time, which is not boding well for her independence, which she is clinging to with all her stubbornness, which is unabated. One of my family's traits is stubbornness, and it seems to originate from both Grandma and GrandfatherSir's genetic lines. Grandma is still limitedly mobile, with a walker or a cane, but spends most of her day in her comfy-chair. She lives by herself with a few houseplants in SoCal, various distances away from Guide Dog Aunt & Uncle, Aunt & Uncle Fayoumis, Uncle & Mrs. Davy, and Uncle Davy's grown sons Matt & Chris. She has a nice sense of humor, and laughs at my family-style jokes.

She's very self-sufficient, or tries to be, and Guide Dog Aunt and I figured out that the reason she doesn't want anyone else doing anything is this: If she wanted it done, she'd have done it herself. If she admitted that she wanted it done, she'd have to admit that she is incapable of doing it herself. She is unwilling to admit she is incapable of doing anything. She is no longer capable of taking good care of herself on her own. She can't remember whether she's taken her medications or not. She doesn't know what day it is, and has to ask other people. The silly things like forgetting that the daughter of her son would be her granddaughter are just silly things. Medications are worrisome. Not eating when taking blood-thinners is worrisome. Any sort of eating weirdness coupled with diabetes is really fucking bad. Left to herself, she'll eat bread and butter, because she doesn't have the energy to come up with anything else.

And yet she's unaware, or seemingly unaware, that things are really this bad for her.

Uncle Davy: Way cooler than I'd heard he was from FatherSir. Rather too much like FatherSir, only with more of GrandfatherSir's Jack of All Trades thing going. Exploded things when he was a kid. The coolest flypaper on earth.

Grandma's house: a small house in Glendale, CA. It features a nice living room a little larger than the Temple's, with a fireplace, a dining room with lots of windows and glass doors, a pantry that's very small, a decent kitchen with a very wobbly microwave stand, Grandma's bedroom and an extra one, a small bathroom and a "powder room", and assorted closets with Unseeable Things in their deep nether depths. There is a front yard and a back yard and a vacant lot. The front yard has weeds and flowers and a few bushes. The back yard has a brick path, a compost bin, some trees, a bit of a terrace. There's a live oak in the front yard, and a tangerine tree in the back. The vacant lot doesn't have much of anything. Acorns.

Grandma has a neighbor, Dee, who took care of an invalid husband with Lou Gherig's Disease for five years, and is now remarried after her late husband's death. Dee is cheerfully loud and meddlesome. If not for the fact that her heart is at least somewhere near the right place, I would have taken an instant anti-shine to her. She calls to check up on Grandma once a day at the least, and stops by frequently. Grandma helped her with her husband; now Dee helps Grandma.

Uncle-Fayoumis is very, very shy. More shy than Darkside, even. He likes computers, but seems to be an eternal Clueful User. He seems to have mellowed, or grown more into his own, since last I met him.

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