Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Life after love

For granted?

I may not be explicit, to others or to myself, about how much I delight in and appreciate, especially appreciate, the love that surrounds me, fills me, from day to day. But I do, I do.

There may be other things as bad as the realization that the person you have thrown your adoration into not only does not return your love, but scorns it, and deserts your friendship. There may be days as empty as the day when you reflect that there is no one you can love wholeheartedly, or trust to love, or trust yourself.

I love, and my love is accepted in the spirit it was given, and returned as deep friendship. I have someone that I may trust with all my heart.

It was not always so.

I prayed, for years, for love.

Now I have it.

When I pray, I need not ask for more love, either received or given; I hope, then, to remain worthy of my gifts of love, and remain capable of giving with a delighted and free heart.

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