Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Problems with MPREG

First, to my geekly eye, it sounds like a way of storing or encrypting files.

Second, if you're going to have a male pregnancy, you had damn well better provide me with a reason to suspend my disbelief. Just because they LUUUURVE each other and it would be so CYOOOOT is not a sufficient reason for me. Reading loving depictions of any male acting extremely OOC while visibly glowing with maternal health and radience despite the morning sickness is not my cup of tea, even if they're underage boys at Hogwarts.

Suspend my disbelief, people. Please!!

And you're right. If their kink is my squick, I shouldn't be reading it. I endeavor not to. However, I read a page in 30 seconds. It takes me a second or two to stop reading. Words read themselves to me as I scroll past. I don't seek it out. This is why I don't flame the perpetrators individually.

I appreciate well-written work of any kind. There are a few fics I have had to stop reading because they were written so well, about things I did not care to be reading about. Those authors, I might write a note of congratulation, that they have accomplished their aim so well. Good craftsmanship is never a reason to flame.

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