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a return to the past; a return to yourself; a return to innocence

If Darkside and I were ten and eleven, and carrying out our friendly war of bonks and pressure points and wooden swords on the playground at school, we'd both get detention.

It would also be clear as could be to the teacher giving us detention, as well as everybody else, that we were absolutely crazy about each other and totally in love.

We're in college. I'm 21 and he's 22. We still clonk each other over the head with our textbooks, have the Wiccan Arm-Wrestling Federation every morning at breakfast, kick each other's asses with wooden swords. We don't tend to get detention.

I think I know what's up.

Darkside's relationship history is interesting. He was never very into hanging out with other kids -- he didn't have one of those ten-year-old "I hit her because I like her" relationships.

I may be totally off-base, but I'm just betting that a nice friendly juvenile relationship is what he needs to get himself back together.

After he's back together, who knows? Maybe we'll grow up.
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