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I'm actually writing fic.

I think I'll sit down tomorrow and perhaps finish another chapter. I've gotten to a stopping point.

I'm writing something that squicks me, and has squicked me when other people have written it, mostly because of the treatment. I'm writing MPREG. Among other interesting events, Draco Malfoy becomes pregnant. He's still at Hogwarts.

If a bright high school age girl gets pregnant, what happens, generally? Are her teachers happy for her? Is she happy for herself? I would generally think not. She's got high school to finish, and then college, and a lot of growing up to do before she's ready to take care of a baby. Getting pregnant at fifteen is very different from getting pregnant at twenty.

I am squicked by the mpreg fics that have a teenage boy getting pregnant and going all gooshy over it, especially over the "having a baby as proof of our love" thing that seems to be a staple of mpreg fics, at least in the Harry Potter universe. Yes, magic can be used in the same way that advanced technology can, to solve problems. However, unless you've also solved by magic the human problem of having a baby when you're still a kid yourself, things do not go well. Not realistic, not well-plotted, and I don't care to read a story about "I want to have a baby and you don't want me to but I'm going to anyway and oh sweetness and happiness and fluffiness and more fluff and unrealistic". I got enough of that from characters who shall remain nameless who I went to high school with and recently got her baby taken away from her because she was a druggie psycho mom. Need I say much more?

Yes, the experience of having a baby, of having a new life growing within you, and your responsibility for it, is a life-changing, transcendental experience. It's not all sweetness and light. It's also squicky biology and pain and other interesting things that work as the chisels and sandpaper to effect those changes that make you transcend yourself. And if you're not prepared to change, and if you're not prepared for the things that change you, not prepared to accept the experiences and grow with them, rather than resist them, meet your fears, face them, and allow yourself to move beyond them after accepting them, then things crash, and burn, and tumble down into ruin.

I could read an mpreg fic where the character started out thinking that it would be happy, fluffybunny sunshine and roses, and then experience Great Trials, and go through Character Development, and emerge on the other side with a new perspective on things and a lovely baby. But there would have to be Great Trials. Blood, sweat, and/or tears. I've had some Interesting things happen to me, and I wouldn't undo them. I wouldn't choose against them, if re-doing, for most of them. (Truly, if given a choice of all the things I could re-do, I'd have given a kiss that I'll never get the same chance to give again, rather than undo a stupid move of action that I made. That was a stupid move of inaction and cowardice.)

So someone gets pregnant. Big whoop. Someone who wouldn't ordinarily get pregnant gets pregnant. Now I'm curious. How did it become physically possible? How did it become psychologically possible? Was this self-inflicted, or inflicted from an outside source? What changes will it make?

The actual pregnancy, I think, will be somewhat secondary to the plot of the story. It's a gimmick, a Worst Possible Thing. And I'm running with it. One evil plot, one lie, and one potion. That's all. That's all that's needed. Let the mayhem unfurl.

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