Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Woke up, read. Got a shower. Came out just as the guy to fix the furnace was down in the pit under the trapdoor in the (narrow) hallway, so I lurked by the bathroom, perkily interested, as he discovered that the interesting smell that Guide Dog Aunt had discovered was it not getting enough air, burning yellow, and releasing all kinds of aldehydes into our hot air. Delightful, no?

I got some breakfast and did some serious reading.

Uncle Davy came over. Talked with him for a bit.

Then Guide Dog Aunt and I went shopping. Mmm, dried pineapple. We also rented some movies. I read more, and then we had yummy dinner. After salad and london broil (mmm!) we watched Happy, Texas.

Before the movie, I talked with FatherSir. Told him how things were going. The Warfarin bit disturbed him. Noted to him, after he talked about the poison tooth to use if anyone put him in a rest home (conceptual, not actual) that he would have to remember it to use it... this cooled his jets in a hurry.

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