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Writing Love Letters

I haven't heard from Dave in a week. He's been out in the field, and I've been lonely. He's due back Sunday, that is, today; I haven't seen him online yet.

It's the sort of mood where I want to sit down with a good pen and a rather large stack of paper and write -- just write -- until most of my heart is copied on paper. So much to say, and so few words that directly express the emotion, so we must write around it, around and around in circles around that emotion in the language that poets and lovers must use.

I see Darkside again in the morning tomorrow. Tonight I sit vigil for Sis as she's out on a mission of mercy to Denny's, doing gods know what with Uncle Alan for the continued health and safety of her family. I sit vigil with my Microsoft David, who's toasted off his ass, most likely through chemical means.

Watched a very short version of Romeo and Juliet. Thank you, David from Microsoft. I love you.

I love so many people.

All soggy and showered. Still rather drained of all physical initiative. I honestly think that if either Darkside or Dave were to show up upon my doorstep at this moment, all ready to go, all I'd be up for is a prolonged hug and then a sleeping in the same general physical location.
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