Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

whistling in the dark

Showed up at school about five minutes before six. Darkside glanced at watch, glanced at clock, glanced at me, obviously wondering why I was here so early. Got grouched at for omitting mention of "wash face brush teeth" in my description of my actions in getting out of bed and coming to school. Honestly, do I have to specify every little detail?

Our time for breakfast has become increasingly briefer despite my showing up earlier: we always make a run on the computer lab when it opens, and now Darkside has regular morning meetings with the members of his database project group. Darnit, I'm accustomed to Darkside sitting next to me in the computer lab until one of us has to go to class, making wisecracks at each other about various topics.


I know I'm being selfish and whiny. I don't care at this hour of the morning. I'm grumpy and bitchy and ti--

--and being ambushed from behind by someone who thinks it's very very funny to read what I'm writing about him over my shoulder.


Especially when I don't realize he's there until I hear something resembling a faint snickering noise, or sarcastic commentary, right in my ear.

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