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I'm in trouble (deep)


Look who decided to join the party.

Rather, it was the somewhat skittish mind of Azure that decided that because Neighbor was very cute, but more importantly of a generally similar mentality and interest suite, that he ought to be added to the list of people upon whom she's got a crush.

Right now, for practicality, Neighbor is outranking Darkside.

I've decided to make a claim upon him: I've yoinked a few hours of his Saturday evening. He might be under the general impression that this is a group thing -- I shall have to correct this impression.

We did have a rather long discussion regarding romantic lives, and how neither of us has one. Instead of going in search of Darkside and lying in wait for him in the path he would naturally take from his last class to his car, I spend the time talking with Neighbor, and by the time we were done talking, Darkside's car was gone.

You lag, you lose, baby.
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