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No breakfast, no sleep, no bonk.

I see Darkside across the computer lab. He looks very very busy. Neighbor, who is the Faculty Assistant for this lab, says that Darkside showed up in lab about half an hour late. This is unusual.

This is very unusual. Darkside is generally at school an hour and a half before the lab opens. Either he was also late, or he had a meeting with the other guys on his database project, or he was waiting in the cafeteria for me to show up, which I didn't until almost eight. Lab opens at seven.

I don't expect Darkside to be very friendly toward me today. I just ditched him for breakfast with no explanation.

Sorry, man.

...and he stops by my computer, looks over my shoulder very briefly, and makes a noise of general humorous dissatisfaction with me. Well, I was asleep. Would you rather that I be asleep at home in my bed where I belong, or asleep at school when you're trying to talk to me?
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