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If I ever become a permanent traveler --

Two pairs of shorts; one pair of long pants.
Three complete sets of socks/underwear.
Three shirts.
Sturdy walking shoes.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mirror, comb, soap, towel, lip balm. Deodorant.
Multitool knife, including light source.
Ibuprofen, decongestant, drops for Swimmer's Ear.
Small first aid kit; elastic bandage.
Laptop computer with most of its devices integrated rather than external.
Blank permanent storage media of a type not prone to easy destruction a la electromagnetic/climatic/rough handling means.
Backup of all important programs on same type of permanent storage media.
Small screwdriver set.
Spare connection cables; spare batteries.
Water bottles.
Identification and currency.
Paper and pen.
Spare glasses.
A feather, a telescoping metal antenna, a cup, a small wooden plate.
A lighter.
A few pretty rocks.
A book.

A space in which to permanently store nifty items I might acquire. My hair would be kept shorn short; I would opt for glasses rather than contact lenses. Glasses may fall off and be broken; contact lenses must be cleaned and removed and replaced and not worn all night.

Every now and then I experience a yearning to leave it all behind, to set out on my own through the world.

Now is not quite yet the time, but I must be prepared to fly when that time does come.
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