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I love writing.

I was hammering away at the assigned proposal for the research project. Lab opened at seven; class starts at 9; paper started after 7:30. Draft finished before 8. Submittable copy done before 8:15.

Darkside got to see me in writethink mode. Azz jumps up from chair, starts pacing, stops by computer, hits save, continues pacing, sits back down at computer and types frenetically. Darkside beckons. Azz holds up finger in "Wait--" (by the standard for hackmode established in the Jargon File) which is unusual, considering that this is Darkside summoning her. Fingers fly. Not much of grammatical sense emerges, nor does one part of the sentence follow the next, but the state is successfully saved.

Darkside was attempting to call my attention to some of the more amusing real-life injuries from RPG's, and also some classic GM vs. player moments (cunning plans: foiled, innovative spells, et cetera) and other humor bits. He's been attempting to seduce me to the RPG side of the Force. I've been contemplating attempting to re-awaken his interest in writing.

This is my skill. This is my joy. I write.

It's the one thing I've been able to do since I was ever so small -- my mother and I sat down and I would tell her the story and she would write it down into a little stapled-together book, and it would be My Book. She still has them somewhere. Maybe I should take them out again, re-illustrate some of them, and get them published. Books for kids by kids. I was a kid once, you know.
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