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Writethink mode

I pace.

I think best on my feet. I think best, write best, while doing something physical.

Darkside got to see this today. I was writing; suddenly I left my chair with great energy and strode off out of the lab for no particular reason, except that I needed to walk. I walked out of the North lab into the hallway, paced around and came in the other door. Back into the South lab, save work, and back and forth through the North and South labs, muttering to myself and figuring out what I was trying to say. Sit back down at computer. Fingers fly; spelling and grammar and even continuity are ignored, utterly tossed out the window. Even Darkside, and the potential of being able to wrap my arm around the back of his chair and perhaps touch him as he showed me something on his computer, was postponed until writethink was exhausted and all the think was written.
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