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manifestress didn't start the fire... nor did she try to fight it... ;) MEME!!

Genre In Which Your Life Story Would Fall i.e., Horror, Romance, Action-Adventure, etc.): Teen comedy/romance/chick flick

Actor That Would Play You: Any actress qualified to play Francine from Strangers in Paradise); for a younger me, Shirley Henderson

Actor(s) That Would Play Your Lifelong Sidekicks: Darkside: Tom Felton in his early twenties; Votania: Angelina Jolie; That Idiot Shawn: himself, or a young Cary Elwes; Iroshi: Jodie Foster.

Corny Trailer Voice-Over Opener: The line between psycho and psychic is a very fine one indeed...

And now for the soundtrack....

Song(s) Playing While You Sweetly Fall In Love:
"When I Fall in Love"
"Beauty and the Beast" (Disney)
R.E.M.: "Be Mine", "At Your Most Beautiful"

Song(s) During Your Boisterous Party Scenes:
Blondie: "Heart of Glass"
Real McCoy "Automatic Lover"
"Pika Pika Pika (techno mix)"
Bloodhound Gang: "Fire Water Burn"
Van Morisson: "Wild Night"

Song(s) During Your Not-So Boisterous Scenes in the Middle of the Boisterous Party:
They Might Be Giants: "It's So Loud in Here"
R.E.M.: "I've Been High"

Song Playing During Your Romantic Happy Ending:
R.E.M. "Be Mine"

Song To Pine By:
New Order: "Bizarre Love Triangle"
Enigma: "Return to Innocence"

Song Playing During Your Racy Sex Scene:
Bloodhound Gang: "The Bad Touch"

Tragic Break Up Song:
Cher: "Believe"

Wacky Hijinks Sequence Song:
They Might Be Giants: "Everybody Wants A Rock", "Particle Man"

Your Traveling Into The Sunset Song:
They Might Be Giants: "Whistling In The Dark"

Death Of A Significant But Terminally Ill Secondary Character Sequence:
R.E.M.: "Sweetness Follows", "Try Not To Breathe"

Your Discovery of a Great Life Truth Moment Song:
R.E.M.: "Hope"

Your Life Story's Rolling Credits Song:
They Might Be Giants: "Whistling In The Dark"

Disclaimer Your Film Would Require At The End:
Some characters and events in this film have been edited to appear less fictitious.

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