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A friend in need's a friend indeed ... a friend with a Playstation is better...

Neighbor came over yesterday about half past noon with his Playstation. He set up camp in the living room, and remained pretty much in one spot until half past eleven.

It was great fun to just hang around and talk about inconsequential things like Final Fantasy 9, talk philosophy, get some housework done while Nephew's attention was engaged by the game, and activities of that nature.

Not even really flirting with the guy, just hanging out and having fun.

This morning, Darkside showed me the rule manual for Hackmaster, this RPG that uses the old D&D rules with some creative modifications. Truly a hilarious manual. Much grabbing away from each other and reading and giggling was accomplished, as was much brush hand against hand while pointing out bits or trying to snatch back the book.

Such a small bit of contact. Such a commonly used area of the body. So much fun!
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