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Azure Jane Lunatic

relentless pounding

Did something really stupid today.

Every now and then my heart starts pounding very loud and hard, at about twice my normal resting pulse rate, for a reason that is insufficient reason for heartpounding that long/hard.

Today it did it again. Trigger: the back-piece falling out of my folding chair, which certainly startles but should not make heart pound like that.

To add to my "This is not a good thing," I'd just eaten a rather large lunch and then proceeded to walk at a decent pace through Phoenix Arizona weather for a couple blocks. I've been doing battle with a cold for the past several days, and yesterday was the worst day. Today isn't much better.

The back fell out of my chair at maybe 2:35. By 4:15, my heart was still going doubletime, and I was quite concerned. I told a random supervisor the general situation, and that I had to go home. I called Sis and asked if Chick could give me a ride. I was rather hazy (the job plus the cold do not make for mental brilliance; every time my sinuses get unhappy my whole brain fries) and Sis sort of freaked. They were going to drag me to a hospital, but I explained my symptoms in person to Chick with much more clarity than over the phone to Sis, and Chick, who does work in a hospital, told Sis that pretty much all they'd do for me in a hospital is hook me up to a heart monitor and have me hang around for several hours.

Home I went -- bed, glass of water, several large pillows, and the hyper cat and Nephew kept carefully out of the room. Sleep happened. Partway through the sleep, I noticed my pulse rate fell in half again, I commented on it, and then zonked out entirely through whatever must have happened when one of Sis's friends from work, and then Alan, all showed up and everybody left for SCA but Dude and me. Dude stayed around to baby-sit me for a while, then (when I woke up) headed off with Chick for SCA.

I'm staying around here as bait for Neighbor.
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