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Didn't get to school until about half an hour before my only class. Saw Darkside in the lab; he looked busy. I finally did stop in and say hello to him.

"Ah, I was wondering when you'd get here today."

I explained briefly about having to leave work yesterday, and so consequently spending much of the afternoon, evening, night, and this morning in a state of complete unconsciousness.

I saw Neighbor sitting up at the desk at the front of the lab, and I grinned hello, but I knelt on the floor next to Darkside's computer and watched as he looked up things about the Final Fantasy movie. It was a quiet level of intensity, very tame, very incredibly concentrated and powerful, but so subtle that if we didn't already know it was there, we wouldn't feel it.

He was tired today. 40+ mile drives do that to you, when you haven't been having enough sleep for the past two weeks in any case. Finally moving today. I offered up my sympathies on the plugging in computer issue -- he's only plugged/unplugged his system twice: when setting it up and when dismantling it for moving/storage. He's never set up for DSL either. I depicted my own experience in this, and emphasized that I only threw two things at Sis, and though I threw them with great force, they were only large pillows.

My poor, dear, unfortunate man.

He'll live, and he'll learn, and it'll be good for him.

He got hugs today from our mutual friend who's helping conspire with me, the one who's engaged. He needed them. I would have hugged him but he didn't look like he needed a hug from me -- well, he did, but I'm not sure how he would have taken it.

It's been happening more and more often that he and I link hands at breakfast.
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