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"Date or date not; there is no 'let's just friends be.'"

I offered Neighbor the clue-by-four; he accepted the clue-by-four. No, he's not interested; yes, we will be friends.

Makes life a lot more simple.

Not sure if I'll tell Darkside, though, that there will be nothing happening between myself and Neighbor. Might make Darkside worried a little to see me giving away vast chunks of my attention span like I am. He's truly got nothing to worry about. If he should make a move, he'd have me for as long as he cared to keep me. Until he makes a move, I'm a free agent and may laugh in the computer lab with any person I please to.

If Darkside should ask if there's anything going on between myself and Neighbor, though, I will of course tell him the truth.

It would be interesting, to see what would happen then. If Darkside should ask that --

"So why do you come here so early in the morning before your classes start, anyway?"
"Because I enjoy hanging out with you at breakfast."

The unspoken is becoming spoken, one after another.
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