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Darkside got the Stormbringer RPG manual yesterday, finally, and we spent all breakfast looking it over. He showed me the best selected bits of it, as usual. He was working on a character. Looks like a very powerful mage, et cetera.

Today Neighbor told me that he appreciates very much the fact that I hit him with the clue-by-four. He'd been guessing, but I took all the guesswork out of it, and we dealt with it on a very adult level. We grinned and laughed about that.

He's going to be over tomorrow while Sis and I are both out -- Nephew needs a babysitter, and he's got the day free, with nothing planned with his other friends. He'd stay at home with the Playstation in that case, and why not hang out in our apartment with Nephew and our nicer, larger TV? This way, Chick and Dude can have a day to themselves together, which they do need.

There was some clobber over head this morning at breakfast. Darkside's sorry I'm feeling so lousy, and only half-jokingly requested that I give him the cold, when I told him it was bad enough that I'm taking the day off from work. I said that this could be arranged, and grinned at him, with teeth.

Back when I was multiple, one of me was named Azure Lunatic. That one of me was a vampire. Malkavian, to be precise. The rest of me were mostly human: Joan/i/ie-prime, Shanna, and then the shy one. In the merge, J-prime pretty much disappeared; she was a semitransparent "front" personality, I think... a very simple and easy to predict set of responses that was all that most people got to know of the whole Collective.

But in any case, Azz was the crazy one, and she had the most unsettling smile that involved a lot of teeth. It usually meant that either she had noticed something that was made of wood, or she was about to bite, or she had a fiendish plan. As much as Malkavians ever can be said to have plans.

Darkside, when faced with that identical grin, declined to know my cunning plan for getting him out of going to work that day.
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