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Ack. I'm sick.

Not sure if I'm running a fever or not. It's collected in the back of my throat, my sinuses some, and definitely in my upper chest. I feel miserable, tired, and extremely cranky. I am severely ticked at Dude, who has left me to keep sole watch over Nephew for an unknowable length of time starting at five minutes. Supposedly he and Chick will be back in short order; Chick and I are going to cash my paycheck and submit other errands to our wills.

I should not be alone with small children when my temper's as short a fuse as it is right now. I'm hearkening back to my early high school days when it was this short the majority of the time, and I swore up and down then that I would never have children for fear my temper was as bad as my father's, so that my children would never know a parent with that capability for rage.

The worst I've ever done to a child in a rage like this was use sharp words and then collapse in a corner upon myself and weep -- the fear remains, but it's not as scary as it was then. I still ought not to be watching Nephew by myself.

ah. they're back.


I'm still weaker than all get-out. I hope to sleep a long time tonight. Been sleeping this afternoon. My voice is mostly back.
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