Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Heroic Furniture Rearrangement

I decided that I wanted to rearrange the house. The problem is that my wrist is very unhappy with me (getting better, though) and I can't move anything. I can pick up stuff with that hand now.

Dude and Neighbor were drafted to move the couch out of my bedroom to the living room where it can be used by more of the household. This also clears out the bedroom for the computer users.

After clearing space in the living room, and clearing the way out of the bedroom, Dude and Neighbor started to move the thing. This was suddenly stopped as I noticed the sharp pieces of wood coming out of the back of the couch. They'd totally wreaked havoc with the sheetrock in the wall behind where the couch had been. The apartment complex here takes a cleaning payment for cleaning up after the mess the last guys left rather than a damage deposit, so we've already paid for what havoc happens to the apartment. Thank the gods. I'm thinking about some plaster and a little paint, though, just to make it look nice again. Argh. I hate it when stuff like that happens to walls.

Dude removed the offending pieces of wood. They are nasty pieces of wood, with many sharp nails protruding. He and Neighbor then removed the couch from the room.

...Well, that was the idea, anyway. I have absolutely *no* idea how Sis got it in the room in the first place, other than lots of wiggling and wobbling and barely scraping it in. Dude and Neighbor and I had to do quite a bit of that move where you go back and forth and back and forth in one very tight spot and can't seem to turn around... think Austin Powers.

After much hassle, we got it arranged to our liking. Nephew's toys will hopefully not be strewn all over the floor, and it is also to be hoped that we won't have to remind him to be careful of the coffee table when he's racing around like a maniac.
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