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Evil Schemes with Neighbor

Basically, I now have an outline of a plan to call Darkside's attention to the possibility that he might like me "like that."

It's been coming in the air for a while, but learning last night that Darkside is giving poor Neighbor -- well, it's not quite the "evil eye," but it's the Male Vibe that says "This guy is my competition, and I think my competition might be the better man... I don't have a chance" -- well.

Before, there was nothing I could do but wait for Darkside to pull his poor broken heart back together. Now, at least I can apply some crowbar force to his head, which may or may not be lodged securely up his ass.

The cunning plan:

Continue to come to breakfast especially for the purpose of seeing Darkside. Pay attention to him there. Perhaps back off just a touch in the flirting department with him, seeing as it's gotten to the point where we brush hands casually and he no longer flinches back when our hands touch over the RPG he's showing me. Pay attention to him in the computer lab, as usual.

...But when he's busy in the computer lab, and looks like he doesn't want to be disturbed, or between classes when I normally seek him out, I should be friendly and have a chat with Neighbor.

He doesn't get 100% of my attention anymore. It's pissing him off a little bit, but honestly, he needs to learn to deal with it... I have friends. But he doesn't get pissed off when I talk to friends, or talk online to friends. He only gets pissed off when I talk with people I might want to date, or who might want to date me.

In that case, my dear friend from the other side of the moon, it's very much time to get your act together and your ass in gear and make a move on me . . . before it's too late.

I love you dearly, old friend, but ... sometimes it's time to give up and move on.

I can't wait forever.

(I am yours.)
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