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Part I: The Beginning of the Middle

Came to breakfast on time, about the same time as Darkside. Mentioned Serial Experiments: Lain and how incredibly trippy they are, and how we've got the first two tapes. Invited him to come over and watch them sometime. Chatted about movies in general, and how pressure points do not work on him.

Had horseplay on the way to the lab. He's worried about my cough, but I'm not. Just another goddamn cold; it'll work its way out of my lungs in a couple months.

Fun in lab. Looking at each other's screens. He had to ask me to move my chest, as it was too close to his mouse hand for him to scroll without molesting me. I was taken aback; I hadn't noticed where I was.

Nice long chat of boredom with Neighbor after Darkside wandered out of the lab. After things got busier, I wandered back outside, and there Darkside was, so I crept up behind him and actually surprised him for once. He grabbed me by the throat in retribution. Amusing exchange of pressure point exploitation. I seem to have become more resistant to having certain pressure points grabbed by rough fingers.

That was it for the day. Darkside, seeing my sunny smiles at him, is less sensitive to random discussion of Neighbor, even the description of Neighbor and Dude trying to move the couch.

The idea is to build up Darkside's confidence that our friendship is going to be forever (which I'm sure it will be; we were friends before we met, after all) and pound into his head the slow idea, "You know, if I don't get a move on, she might date someone else after all..."

If he asked me, if he only asked me, I would be his.

He hasn't read my livejournal, he just thinks it's fun to stand over my shoulder and nearly give me a heart attack when I notice he's there, especially when I'm writing about him. He's never gotten to really see what's in there, though, he says.

I love you too.

Honestly, "But the guy should ask the girl out!" is not part of my hesitation. I'm just waiting for him to get over dating Sis before I hit on him... again. I made that mistake a while ago, and I don't want to hit on him before it's time to.

Just let me know when it's time, old friend. Just let me know.
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