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clue by five

one step up from the clue-by-four.

Just to give those of you out in cyberspace an idea of how *not* in touch with his own feelings Darkside is, he was Visibly Pining after Sis a full month before he realized it. He only realized it so soon because Sis and I sat him down and cornered him and said, "Look, Tenchi, either choose her or me, because we're both in love with you."

We bombarded him from both sides with hugs and giggles and blushing smiles and all the things that giddy schoolgirls with schoolgirl crushes bestow upon the object of said crush.

It still took him a week.

I told him I liked him first, and asked him if he liked me. He said he'd have to ask his subconscious. He's not very in tune with what he wants at all. I think I know where to lay credit for that little psychological oddity, but I'm not one to point fingers, unless the finger I'm pointing is the middle one, and that one straight up, but otherwise in the direction of... grr.


In any case, he's still blissfully clue-negative.

A recent discussion of events brought up the following points:

First, he's only going to be jealous of Neighbor until he asks me whether or not I've got a crush on Neighbor, and I am sufficiently transparent to him that I cannot tell him a lie and get away with it.

Second, I will only be really "taking away" from Darkside's normal time with me in those times between classes when I refrain from seeking him out. The time I spend hanging out with Neighbor in the computer lab, I would be there anyway, and during much of this time, Darkside is busy enough with computer projects that he even shooes me away from what he's doing.

Third, I've used no falsehoods to Darkside in talking about my association with Neighbor. I do not recall mentioning to Darkside that I was hoping to hook up with Neighbor; I read in Darkside's body and voice that he was hurt enough that I was attempting to hook up with Dave. Darkside may have gathered that I wanted to hook up with Neighbor from my body language around Neighbor; ought not he now to figure out that Neighbor counts as a good friend? No, of course not. I will no longer be hitting on Neighbor as much as I was; from an objective viewpoint, I was just barely friend-flirting. Now I'm hardly doing that. All I do with Neighbor is stand around in the computer lab and BS, just like friends do. Anyone with powers of observation can see for whom it is that I truly light up.

Neighbor commented on it this morning, when I came into lab grinning and glowing. Later, he came by and asked me, "So what were you so happy about this morning when you came into lab?"

Darkside and I had been acting like idiots in the courtyard, is what, shoving each other and yanking on backpacks to get to the computer lab first.

That was all.

That was enough.

Never underestimate the imaginative powers of a jealous guy in love.
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