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I attended the IEEE meeting today at lunchtime. It was very nice to be able to do that. I haven't felt that kind of engineering aura for the longest time, not since I was small and hanging out with my dad's friends.

Cured a lot of my homesickness right there.

I'm taking Nephew to the IEEE mini-meeting next week.

I took a look at the person doing the presentation. He graduated from my school two years ago.

That's where the money's at.

I want to be there when I'm out of school. I want that kind of job.

I also felt the incredible seductive pull of "devices" in that room. Engineers have this common love for little gadgets. I'm prey to that lure too. There are so many devices that I could really use, and they could all be made a lot smaller and put into one little handy-dandy little Swiss Army Device...
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