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The Circle is healed.

We all sat down together today for a few minutes, just laughing and chatting and talking about the idiocy involved for someone to be able to open a gate and then forget to close it. This is a story I heard from a lady at work, who once dated the unfortunate who did this. Sis and Darkside and I at one table in the cafeteria, acting sillier than ... well.

I ran off to English class grinning, and proceeded to design T-shirts for the Armchair Magicians Club. Sis thought it was a wonderful idea, and ran with it. We've got four now, after all, at DeVry... Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Now, if only we can wake Water up early enough in the mornings to come to breakfast, and Earth likewise...

...but honestly, I like having breakfast alone with Darkside.

Darkside made an overture of friendship today to Neighbor. Darkside was retrieving something from the printer, and made a handwritten note on it, and then showed the comment to Neighbor, saying "See? I'm a CIS major. My handwriting sucks," or words to that effect.

Since that's the most in the way of verbiage he's exchanged with Neighbor, and more than he exchanges with most people in his class group, even, I think that's a good sign.
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