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Horrorscopes (Freewill)

Gemini Horoscope for week of January 30, 2003

The Gemini who drove me to the airport told me that when he's not putting in 60 hours a week driving a cab, he's working on a screenplay that has garnered interest from two agents. Meanwhile, the Gemini woman who operates the carousel at the zoo confided that before she comes to work each morning she spends an hour writing grants that could help her start a tutoring program for homeless kids. I have a message for them and for all you other Geminis whose big dreams haven't been getting anywhere near your full attention: It's time to kick a labor of love into high gear; to transform a hobby into a vocation; to take a giant step towards graduating from your amateur status and turning pro.

Cancer Horoscope for week of January 30, 2003

When will your swirling urges for adventure boil over, Cancerian? When will it become impossible for you to keep ignoring the call of illuminating temptations and exotic sanctuaries? When will you finally give in to your longing to escape and wander? The astrological omens suggest the turning point will come soon. They say that in the frontiers of your imagination, the vision of a brave quest is already simmering. Where will the mysterious awakening lead you? To the ends of the earth? To the secret heart of a familiar stranger? To the gritty depths of your dreams of the future?

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