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Ow, my hair.

Trying to brush my hair this morning. It's all stretchy and pully where it's tangled. That means it's still a little wet from last night.

I'm tired. Not been getting enough sleep. Went to bed around 4 last night. Have been slowly reading Gust Front on Inanna. I enjoy that ability to do that on her.

In keeping with the rest of the grouchy theme for the morning, the jeans I tried to put on were too tight, as opposed to barely fitting. *sigh* I have been watching what I eat a little more closely of late, and I'm sure that had I tried those particular jeans a week ago, they would have been way too tight, rather than just a lost battle with the zipper.

Got an hour less sleep this morning than I might have thanks to the tossing and turning and trying not to cry thing. This has been an ongoing theme since approximately the end of October.

Those of you who have me as primary filler of the friends page and/or those who actually read me will have likely noted that my posting's been down by about 50% over the past little bit. Maybe more than 50% down, as quite a few of my posts the other day were private, mostly logs of chats. This doesn't say good things about my mental state, especially as no few of the public posts are links, with the random survey here and there. Fluff.

I'm just so tired...

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