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There was a dream where we were supposed to be hiding behind locked doors to evade teams of strong men attacking with uncertain purpose. We think they were trying to capture some of us, but I haven't the foggiest why. We had all the curtains drawn, and retreated out of Grandma's living room, which seemed to be an annex to the back of our Phoenix apartment where the little old lady who lives by herself in 112 is.

And then there was stuff in the universe with the planes, trying to get in and out of it, and there was a marketplace and some sort of argument with the Weasley family? It was Ginny? And she was becoming a Protected of the King, and her mom didn't like it and called her a tramp so she ran away. And then either Fred or George followed his sister, he was at the back of the plane, and there was a happy reunion when we all got out of that nasty universe.

And then there was something about BJ, and I was headed to CTY and I needed a new backpack, and then the FBI investigator who was covering up that he'd adopted the kid I was going to be meeting at CTY 'cause we were friends, who'd written this book, and that he'd officially adopted this cat, but he was using the cat to cover up with the kid, and the investigative team came in the middle of the night and I was in the room where he was asleep with his wife and they asked what the hell this bag was and I said in the snottiest-brat Isn't it obvious you morons tone of voice I had, "Shower bag", like totally "In the fridge, duh."

And then I was headed there but it was Monday and Votania had her doctor's appointment and that was right after I was supposed to leave for the airport...

And then as we were figuring out what we had to do with that, I woke up.

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