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For those who have just joined this channel: the State of the Lunatic Address

Arizona, at the moment.

I'm 22 years old, and the bit of my mind that governs that sort of thing keeps shouting that I'm single, even though I'm not: I'm dating the delightful and fun yaksha42 in a Secondary relationship. Oh, and I'm polyamorous, in case you hadn't guessed.

I've been keeping a journal off and on since the day the Gulf War started when I was ten, and have given it more and less of my attention since then. I think that saving records of my mental state from that time period was a good idea, as it gives me more insight to how kids think about things. It's been a little over twelve years since I first seriously started a journal that was not for my teacher but for me, and it's given me a lot to think about.

The primary thing I use journals for is memory. I have an excellently sharp memory, so much so that when I find that there are things I can't remember, I panic badly. To combat that, I leave journals as a record of what I was up to when, so I can fix my wandering memories in time, and remember that I really remember things. Most of my journals are public. Some are friends-locked, and some are private.

I live in templeravenmoon with the other local characters, most of whom get a passing mention or more every now and then. One of the things you won't likely see encouraged in here is roommate drama. If I have to vent, I tend to do it in a filtered post, or on private... and then I figure out what I need to talk about and where problems are. This wasn't always the case, but it damn well is now.

I have a lot of love, and it gets around. I'm dating yaksha42 as of December 13, but I have a crush that predates that (an LJ-crush that turned into an IRL crush when there was a meeting), and something that's gone on far too long to be just a crush. I'm in love with my best friend Darkside, and have been for the past two years. Darkside does not return my romantic interest, but I'm among his few closest friends. He knows me well enough to know that unloving him would turn me into someone he wouldn't care to be friends with, and kicks my ass for me if I attempt to forcibly unlove him, because the process also throws me into a dangerous depression. We balance well against each other, and most people who see us together mistake us for a couple.

As regards religion, "I have a good idea." There aren't very many words for the joyous and serene certainty that there's Something, and someday I might or might not understand it. Learning to speak Martian might be a good start. Meanwhile, I refer to myself as being 'vaguely eclectic Wiccan', with Chaote tendencies, and that describes it almost well enough.

I have a mother and a father and a little sister. My parents live in Alaska, where I grew up. My sister has since moved to Washington, with her good friend and former fiance. My paternal relatives (aunts, uncles, and my sole surviving grandparent) are in California; my maternal aunts are in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Alaska is Home. Phoenix is becoming home. Where my family-of-the-heart is will always be home.

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