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Survey sez:

[Date]: February 4th 2003
[Time]: 9:33 pm
[Weather]: Lovely. Nice and cool-for-Arizona.
[Listening to]: marxdarx and votania talking about Baldur's Gate
[Wearing]: Navy blue cotton T-shirt, faded black jeans.
[Jewelery]: Three hypo-allergenic silvery metal stud earrings, the silver pentacle with the Celtic knotwork and the amythyst given to me by you-know-who.
[Makeup]: Lip gloss a couple hours ago. Need more. Lips are cracking.
[Hairstyle]: Brushed. Frizzy.
[Eating]: Chocolate cake...
[Drinking]: Damn, need to refill water glass
[Downloading]: Huh? Oh, download. Nope, not right now.
[Talking to]: <azzgrin> Myself.
[Mood]: Excited!!
[Visiting]: LJ, e-mail.
[Thinking about]: Visiting Darkside come Saturday

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