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Someone was very understatedly happy to see me after he got over the shock of seeing a grinning Lunatic in his living room. I got there a little after 11. His mother teased him about him now seeing the point why she was so insistant upon him getting up that morning... He produced his walking stick and gently bopped his mom on the head.

He showed off Bloodrayne, and insisted that I try. So I did, in a very timid and inept fashion. He coached me. Evidently I was a bit noisy, as he advised me that his parents were out there, and who knew what they'd think was happening behind his door.

His room is small, smaller than mine. He has many, many books.

I asked for, and got, a hug. A short, one-armed hug, but much-needed. Later, I gave him a longer hug from behind, and that was warm and patched much loneliness. He leaned into that one, if not with body, then surely with mind.

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