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Going Home: Car Fun!

There was some small discussion of how I would get back home. I proposed that Darkside drop me off at the mall that I'd taken the bus to initially. Lady Malfoy proposed a different mall closer to work. Darkside grumbled teasingly, but we headed off together in his cute grey sedan.

I gave him the chocolate and the bubble stuff from Dawn's wedding, and mentioned how the chocolate would have to be rinsed before being eaten, thanks to the bubble stuff leaking in the plane flight home. Amusement.

He starts a new, paying, morning job Monday. This one starts at eight rather than seven, so he won't have to get up so ungodsly early.

It's so nice to be able to sing with him. His voice gives me the shiveries. Mmmm. I don't sing in the house so much. Told Darkside that, and why, and got into a discussion involving Olivia Newton John, and the conclusions that the Princess Aurora and I had come to at Dawn's wedding. We sang together with the radio quite cheerfully until partway down the 101, where Darkside suddenly turned it off upon hearing an odd sound. He concluded that it was the car next to us making the funny lumping noise... but then it became apparent that it was so not them.

He pulled off quickly, on the inside of the road where you only pull off if it's the most dire of emergencies, as getting back on is a bitch and it's not the safest place either. We got out. The right rear tire was not only flat, but shredded. Fortunately, Darkside had changed tires before. He pulled out his cellphone, called his parents, and called work, and then he set to work on the tire, with me as a convenient person to hold things. "Do I get experience points for this?" I asked.

He had the car jacked up in no time flat, and looked for the wrench.

Where was the bloody wrench?

He finally found it, after searching and making very unhappy noises.

It was at this point that he struck the second obstacle. The nuts were on too tightly. He beckoned me closer to help, and we tried tugging together. No soap.

He grumped about having to call a repair guy after all. I took the wrench and pushed. The nuts loosened, one by one. We pulled the trashed tire off and put on the spare.

This shoots Darkside's upcoming free time all to hell, as he'll have to get the car looked at and the tire replaced. Evidently I am stronger than he is. I work out, and he is a wimp. And how many times have I worked out in the past three months? I demanded of him. Like, once. I only win at Mercy because he has superior pain tolerance.

When he's driving with me, some songs on the radio get quickly skipped past. "Sexual Healing" was one of those. We giggled over that a little.

His hair's gotten longer again. It got all messed up with the wind when we were out changing the tire, and I straightened it for him.

I asked whether he would be peeved with me should I show up some Saturday morning again. I'm to check with him first, but it sounds like we might be able to do that... that would make me very, very happy. Probably him too, as he doesn't get to spend time with friends what with his schedule...

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