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I suck at Bloodrayne.

Though I know that Darkside and I were having some interesting thoughts about Rayne feeding... He put me on the tutorial mode, and I still sucked. He got a little frustrated, I got a little frustrated, and there was much in the way of giggling. There is nowhere in his room to sit but on his bed.

Only with him would I allow myself to so much as attempt to play one of these games. Between my motion sickness and my conditioned dislike of any games like that, I will politely refuse anyone else's offer of teaching me how to play those games. With him...

...With him, it's something we can do together, something that he's good at and I'm very uncertain at. I like having those things with him, things we can do together. He likes me enough to game with me. I can do that. I may not be very good, but I can.

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