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large gated apartment complex that seemed to include the elvey building from UAF. My Aunt C. lived there. sat in a large truck in the parking lot, possibly moving stuff out. climbed over the fence to get back inside because my mother was still in the back parking lot talking with friends. they all had horses. we'd not had our horse for a while, but i put the saddle on the fence just to get it out of the way. there at the southeast corner there were two flowering bushes/vines, one male and one female, and a friend and I noticed that they would be a lot happier if they entwined their branches. But the male plant was doing a research paper and oblivious, and the female plant started blooming like mad. I plucked one of the flowers and gave it to my friend (who was male) who thought it was a beautiful flower.

driving around with the dad of a friend, eating cheeseburgers, they tasted like jack in the box, while i did research from popular magazines that drew me briefly into lush pictures of houses, cars, and lawns, under a pearl-grey cool sky, not quite about to rain but lashed with wind. places of great beauty, possibly with much danger attached.

when dealing with the gates, I tried the wrong code on the sliding motor gate, but it opened anyway. thought I saw Kit with his bike and Rachel, talked to them. the code I used to open the gate was 408. on a five button lock.

waking, i realize again that i ought not to eat the cherries with preservatives that make my tongue cringe for hours after eating them. i think it's the sulfur.
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