Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

So much for that nap...

Narcissa called. There's this guy named Odin. "We plead the fifth together."

Narcissa to college boys: "You should get naked and dance for me."
College boys to Narcissa: "You should get naked and dance!"
Narcissa: "But I'm more valuable."

"People shouldn't get depressed, because they're boring." --Narcissa on high school angst!boys

She talked about coffee, punk bands, friends who do grafitti, the unadvisability of hassling smokers, the joys of single life, hitting on girls, and that sort of thing. She has developed a thing for Asian women. *giggle* Not surprising, around River. There was much giggling and overuse of the word "like".

Of us, she's the more extreme. I'm calmer, more laid-back. She's more hyper than me on manic when she's in her calm phase. She's fun. She wished me the best of luck with you-know-who [the female one], and suggested that all our troubles could be solved with a trip to Oregon to see her band play, followed by sex.

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