Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


wandered in to breakfast at 6:25, a little late. Crashed on the table. Darkside kept bonking me awake. We shared his RPG. He has fun keeping me awake mostly because he believes that I wouldn't let him sleep if he were that zonked. (How little you know me, my dear.) Went to the computer lab. Was barely able to check my mail. Kept falling asleep with my head on the table next to Darkside. At one point he grasped me by the hair, lifted my head up, and smacked my forehead lightly.

Exchange of bonk. It's really a lot of lovely fun. Hands around throat. Put my head on his shoulder, half-sleeping, just tired, to prop me up. He did that thing where he shrugs to remove your face from him... amusing. Not time to touch him that closely yet. Still, I was tired. Very tired. Much bonk.

Wandered into English lab, said, "I'm the root of all that's evil and you can call me Cookie," to the professor, and wandered out. Still half-asleep.

Class over. Must go find my Darkside.
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