Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Got a friend. He's going to Germany with the Army for the next two years at least. Really nice, sweet guy. Pity he's Christian.

I like him a lot, and he's one of the only true gentlemen left in the world....

Since when did "gentleman" become a prerequisite for me dating them?

Since high school, and my "just friend" then, I suppose. My "just friend" tried so hard, but...

Thank the Goddess and the God for *gentlemen* who will refrain from skewering you in the naughty bits with their foil, for gentlemen who will submit gracefully to a ticklefight and keep their hands in appropriate places, for gentlemen who never let you betray yourself, no matter what. Even at the cost of their own peace of mind.

This is for the *three* true gentlemen out there.

Um, dear? I know you're reading this. Gentlemen, I hate to say, don't admit to reading the Thin H Line, at least not to ladies.

Am I a lady?
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