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Kids and computers

When Red had the Baldur's Gate CD break in his drive this morning, votania had us herd Little Fayoumis out of the room so she could cuss at the computer. I reassured Little Fayoumis that he wasn't being punished; Mommy was just going to cuss at the computer, and we didn't want him hearing the words that she was going to be using.

He's getting the grasp of the difference between people and computers, and how you can cuss at computers and not at people. So when it was safe to come out, he looked at Red, glared, and said, "You pussy!"

[Little Fayoumis had been watching Southpark with marxdarx. Marx belatedly realized that this particular episode did too have cussing in it. Since then, we've been teaching Little Fayoumis that just as 'booty' is an OK word for pirate treasure, but it is a bad word for butt, 'pussy' is an OK word for cats, and for nothing else. It's tough going. He gets the concept, but he spaces it... ]

Explained that while he had the concept right, that you could cuss at computers but not at people, that this particular word was too bad for him to be saying. But he could use other cusswords on the computer. I proceeded to tell the computer that it had green snot coming out its nose and its ears, and furthermore, it was a poopyhead!

The Little Fayoumis thought about it for a while, and then declared, "You didn't make your day!" at Red.

Poor Red.

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