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Ah, kids.

Little Fayoumis only ever drops his fork when he's not eating something he doesn't want to eat. This time, he polished off the meatloaf-with-cheese-melted-on-top (tricksy aunt Lunatic!!) and then asked for more cheese. Inspecting the plate, we see the mashed potatoes still there. So I point them out, with the intent of giving him more cheese if he's still hungry after those are gone.

Twenty minutes later, a dropped fork and an untouched pile of mashed potatoes.

This resulted in me telling him that I'd noticed that the only times he ever dropped his fork was when he was playing around with it instead of eating his lunch like he ought to be, and since he had been doing that, then no, no cheese after the mashed potatoes were done, and furthermore, if he dropped the next fork, he would be sent to the corner, since he knew better than to be careless like that.

While puttering around in the kitchen, I saw him waving the fork around between bites, and I called him on it, telling him that I'd noticed that when he was eating something that he was being slow about eating, he would do that, and then he would drop the fork.

And he stopped waving it around and started eating it. Without fuss or dramatics.

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